About Machiavelli Again

Panagiotis Noutsos


I follow, as closely as possible, the international bibliography which makes its appearance year by year on the subject of the work of Niccolo Machiavelli. This is made possible by means of the electronic data bases held by the Library of the University of Ioannina (particularly: The Philosopher’s Index’ and ‘Humanities International Index’). The relevant encoded messages then lead you to hundreds of ‘conventional’ and electronic journals to which our Foundation is a subscriber, or to the practice of ‘inter-library lending’. In this way, in recent months I have had the opportunity to access individual focuses of problematique which are put forward as arising from Machiavelli’s work, in packaging of older and new ‘minting’. Thus, apart from the issue of the Ethics or the ‘anatomy of the city’, in comparison, moreover, with the Aristotelian formulations, there is a demarcation of ‘Business Ethics’, ‘comic ethos’, ‘the phenomenology of public communication’ and the cognate ‘ritual’, ‘democratic governance’ and the ‘postmodern prince’, ‘the art of power’, ‘aesthetic political theory’, ‘sex and the subject’, Uumultf and the present-day ‘multitudet9 not forgetting the interpolation of the policy pursued by Barack Obama.

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